Practical Guide to in Situ simulation

Pier Luigi Ingrassia, Stefania Tomola
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This short guide aims to help those wishing to develop and perform simulation activities in the real clinical environment (i.e., in situ simulation) during the epidemic emergency caused by coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This guide can easily be adapted to all other biological emergencies.

Conducting a simulation session in a healthcare setting provides a unique opportunity to not only identify system errors and latent hazards but also improve the interdisciplinary performance of the care teams much more effectively than similar training carried out in simulation centers.

Nonetheless, such approach requires the adoption of prevention and mitigation measures as it exposes both staff and patients to a certain risk that should be clearly understood to prevent unwanted harmful consequences. In addition, given the deleterious impact epidemic emergencies can have on health of care providers, the implementation of appropriate behaviors and specific measures is mandatory.

This comprehensive guide provides key knowledge of in situ simulation procedures.